Monday, 28 May 2012

modus operandi.

now in our previous post we had explained one of the main act to made any Trojans and Malware- Embedded Software eligible for an offense.
that is, under the Computer Crimes Act 1997.

specifically speaking, we can refer to Part II of the act; which discuss on Offences.

Section 3-  deals with unauthorized access to computer materials
Section 4- Unauthorized access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of further offence.
Section 5- Unauthorized modification of the contents of any computer.
Section 6- Wrongful Communication
Section 7- Abetments and attempts punishable as offences
Section 8- Presumption

To make a legal issue out of Trojan and Malware-Embedded Software, we must first establish:
1) how will the two activated
2) and once activated, how do they operate that may cause harm to a computer system.
3) and to what extend will the harm caused may affect a computer.

1) after some studies done before this post, it has been found that to activate the Trojan and Malware-Embedded is operational either right after installing or even once a folder to the program is accessed or run.
itt has been shown that these two malice is like land mine waiting to be stepped on.

2) their operation may cause disruption on the overall perfomance of a system, you can see that the computer might be running slow as usual, crashes, in some heavy cases- the cause of blue screen and to serious effect causes the operational of a computer to halt.

3) to one extend, it may cause a heavy damage to the computer, and a huge loss of money to repair or even to buy a new computer.

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