Monday, 28 May 2012

A legal note, for serious offenders.

After getting some description on what is Hardware Trojans and Malware-Embedded Software.
we will now move on to the legal part of the issue.

That is, to what extend will we put our offender who dispicably speaking had done such things.
and what Laws will Malaysia use in order to control such activities from happening.

to start, Malaysia has enacted the laws related to cyber crime, under the Computer Crimes Act 1997.
any misuse of computer or even cyber-related activities that causes issues can be made actionable under this act.
This act is comprised of three parts, 'Preliminary', 'Offences' and 'Ancillary and General Provisions'

more from this part will right up next.
for now, to have an over-look on what the Computer Crimes Act 1997.

you can refer to this link, RIGHT HERE

- Faris @ Mikki-

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