Monday, 28 May 2012


Back to our main topic, the legal issues related to hardware trojans and malware embedded software, we should discuss here what to do when this situations happen:

1. You bought a software from an IT Store, then you going back home and install the programs. Unfortunately the programs caused your whole system to crash and when inspected, the software you just bought contains malware and that the main cause for the crash. You wanted a remedy for the damage happened. Who hold the liability for that?

2. You bought a new console of gaming, a ZBOX. The console use an online operating system to purchase the games for the console. You had entered your credit card number for purchasing matter. Suddenly, one day, you got your credit card bill and the amount you use is unreasonable. You called the credit card company and then when you asked about the matter they said the bill come from the console company. However, you does not purchase all the item listed in your bill. When inspected, your credit card had been hacked by the other user of ZBOX. Whose to blame?

3. You purchased a new program called FotoShoppe from an online market. However the programs contains malware that caused your computer to crash. Who you would seek for the remedies of the damages happpened?

All of these situation are ordinarily happened to people nowadays. Even though in Malaysia there are no cases listed on this matter, things actually still happened. It just not being brought to the upper level like the court as it is still not the culture of Malaysian to bring matters to court. You are opened to give your idea for all of the problems stated above and for the next post I will give the answers from the perspective of law.  


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  1. Firdaous Zahidi28 May 2012 at 10:37

    Well, never think of these matters before. I think for the first problem, you could ask compensation from the shop you bought the software aite?